About Us

Connolly Irish Dance is owned by Louise Connolly, pictured above, who is a world-class, professional dancer. Connolly started Irish dance at the age of 8 with Scoil Rince Oirialla in Dundalk, Ireland. Her dance career began with a simple twist of fate. She started dancing in a small community hall in the village she grew up by.  In the following years she claimed the title of World Champion two years in a row, along with Ulster, All Ireland, All Scotland, and British National Champion.  After reaching the pinnacle of her competitive career, and with two World Titles under her belt, she decided to take her talents to the next level. In 1997 Louise joined the world renowned Irish Dance show-Michael Flatley's 'Lord of the Dance'. Within her first year of performing in the spectacular show she was given the lead female role of 'Saoirse'. Louise spent the next 6 years touring the world as the lead dancer with 'Lord of the Dance'. Her travels brought her to North America, South America, Australia, Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. Louise began Connolly Irish Dance in Denver, CO and started the first Irish Dance school in the state of SD.   Louise also co-founded Strictly Irish, a professional Irish Dance Company in Denver, CO performing for Corporate Events, Weddings, and Private Shows.   Louise Connolly is a Teagascoir Choimisiuin le Rinci Gaelacha (TCRG), which is Gaelic for Commission Certified Irish Dance Teacher.  She is registered with the Irish Dance Commission in Dublin, Ireland.

Registered with An Coimisiun le Rinci Gaelacha  www.CLRG.ie