Irish Dance


Description: https://mail.midco.net/horde3/imp/view.php?popup_view=1&mailbox=INBOX&index=21641&actionID=view_attach&id=2&mimecache=7fee18f2a313b91eb69c6a3c477070a9&img_data=1Dear Parents and Students,

I would like to welcome you all to the Connolly Academy of Irish Dance!!!  I hope you are all as excited as I am to be a part of this school.  I would like to start by giving you my background in Irish Dance.

I began Irish Dancing at the age of 8 in Dundalk, Ireland.  By the age of 11 I won the title of World Champion which I was crowned for the second time the following year.  Over all, I have claimed 2 World titles, 2 Ulster Provincial titles, 2 All-Ireland titles, a British National and an All-Scotland title.

After reaching the pinnacle of my competitive career, I auditioned for the world renowned show, Michael Flatley’s “Lord of the Dance” in the hope of becoming a professional dancer.

After being in the show for less than a year I was given the lead role of “Saoirse.”  I spent 6 years touring North and South America, Asia, Middle East, Europe and Australia.  After moving to Denver, Colorado in 2003, I started out teaching with another dance school.   I opened the Connolly Academy of Irish Dance 3 years later.  When my husband joined the military it meant closing my school of over 2 years while we were given short term assignments.  We moved to SD and knowing that we would be in one place for a longer period of time I decided to open the Connolly School of Irish Dance in Sioux Falls. In Jan 2014, we made our final move ~back to CO. In 2016 I decided to concentrate soley on my CO location  and so closed Connolly School Irish Dance in SD.

My goal is to bring the unique art of traditional Irish Dance to the children of South Dakota & Colorado. It is something which is extremely close to my heart and I hope that my passion for this amazing art form can be passed down to every child who is a part of the school.  It is a great way to meet new friends, build self-esteem and self-confidence and is also brilliant exercise!!!

I thank you all for choosing to be a part of Connolly Irish Dance.

Louise Connolly, TCRG 

School Policies



Tuition is always due at the first class of every month.  Tuition is never pro-rated September-May,and must always be paid in full.  Summer months are the only exception, where  Punch cards are available in $60 increments. Each class you attend is $15 ( one punch). No refunds on punch cards purchased. All punch cards are only valid June,July and August of the year purchased.

Please make checks payable to:  Connolly Irish Dance

You can set-up direct pay-send to:   Connolly Irish Dance

                                                          6656 S. Newland Way

                                                           Littleton , CO 80123

Late Fees

If tuition is more than ONE week overdue there will be a $10.00 late fee added to that month’s tuition.

Cancelled Classes

Classes are based on 4 classes per month.  Some months are 5 week months, resulting in an extra class for those months.  Please note that if for some reason a class is canceled in any month, it will be left to the discretion of the instructor whether or not a make-up class will be offered.

Classes will follow Jefferson County public school (CO) closures due to weather.

Make-Up Classes

If a dancer must miss one of the classes during any month they will be welcome to make-up a class within that month by attending a class suited to the dancer’s level where available and suggested by the instructor.

Tuition Costs

Registration Fee ~ $20 per dancer, $40 family max


1-45 minute class/week                               $  50 per month

1-1 hour class/week                                     $  60 per month

2-1 hour class/week                                     $105 per month

Prize Winner thru Champ class tuition varies deepening on hours per week

Per Class (pro-rated)

During summer months only                       $15

Private Lessons

One hour private lesson                                $60*

One hour semi private lesson (2 dancers)    $80*

One hour private with 3 dancers                  $100*

*No shows for private lessons will pay ½ of amount due

A 10% discount will be given to families with 2 or more children enrolled in the Connolly Irish Dance.  There will be absolutely NO REFUNDS.

The Connolly Academy of Irish Dance reserves the right to change tuition at any time.

Additional Fees:
Oireachtas & Majors:
There will be a small additional fee added to all fees to cover extra school & teahcers costs.
$20 will be added to majors in the US and $30 to majors held outside of the US .

Class Wear

Girls need to wear shorts/skorts, class T-shirt and Irish Dance socks.  Skirts should NOT be worn so stretches can be done comfortably.  Boys need to wear shorts, t-shirts and socks.  Jeans and dress clothes are not allowed.  NO pants that conceal legs/feet should be worn on dancers at the novice level and up.

After 1 month of class dancers must attend class in a CID uniform.  Our school uniform consists of class t-shirt, poodle socks and dance shoes.

Shoes:  Socks are fine to dance in for the first month.  After this time, parents will need to buy pomps/soft shoes for the girls and soft soled shoes with fiber heel for boys.  Hard shoes will be introduced at the discretion of the instructor.  Shoes may be purchased from CID.  Large orders will be placed periodically and may take a few weeks to be shipped from Ireland.

Feis and Show Requirements

To participate in a feis or school show every dancer must have…


  1. school costume (advised by teacher)
  2. kick pants (no shorts) black
  3. wig
  4. poodle socks
  5. soft and/or hard shoes
  6. Hair bow


  1. school costume (advised by teacher)
  2. soft soled shoes with fiber heel/ Hard shoes

Solo costumes MUST be approved by the instructor.  You are representing the Connolly Irish Dance and therefore need to meet the approval of your teacher before buying a solo dress.  Your teacher reserves the right to allow or prohibit dancers to take part in competitions, even if they are registered for a feis. Wigs, shoe buckles, sparkle socks, tights, headbands, etc. are considered part of your costume and also need the APPROVAL of your instructor.


The Connolly School does expect students to attend all classes.  It makes for a much easier and more productive class when everyone is making the same progress.  If a student misses even one class, they will fall behind on new material and therefore slow the progress of the rest of the class

Due to the number of shows/performances that the Connolly School performs there may be extra practices (classes) scheduled.  St. Patrick’s Day tends be a busy time of year for us!  Students who choose to participate are REQUIRED to attend any extra classes scheduled by the instructor.

Studio /Class Rules

NO gum allowed in class and only WATER may be brought into the studio.

NO valuables should be brought to class.  The Connolly School will not be responsible for the loss or theft of any valuables..

It is important that each dancer is given the best instruction possible. Therefore, it is always up to the teacher which class each dancer is placed. Dancers & parents shall not decide what class level they are to be in.

Team Spirit  & positivity plays an important role in our school. Students must be respectful of each other and their teachers. This must also carry over when representing Connolly Irish Dance at shows, feis’, etc.

The Connolly School reserves the right to dismiss any student from the school for unsatisfactory attitude, attendance, irregular tuition payments or general misconduct.  No tuition will be refunded in these situations.

Parent Observations

Parents are always welcome to watch the progress of their children by watching through observation windows or TV’s in the lobby where available.  Parents will not be allowed in the studio during classes.  It is important that the students can learn independently and do not feel self-conscious while learning.

Feis information

A feis is an Irish Dance Competition. It is loud, crowded, exciting, exasperating, exhilarating and fun.

The word "Feis" (pronounced “fesh”) comes from a Gaelic word meaning "festival".   Though many Feisanna (plural for Feis) include language, writing and soda bread competitions, the focus is on Irish dancing. Throughout the year, there will be many opportunities for your dancer to attend a feis. Each Feis provides an opportunity for your dancer to compete against others in the same age group and level.  For your dancer, this is a fun and exciting occasion.  For a “feis parent”, the experience can be very overwhelming!  Following is some information to help make the event a little less stressful!

To register for a feis you must create an account with www.feisworx.com.

Feis Levels for Dancers (please double check your level with your teacher)

  • Beginner1 – Open only to dancers who have taken lessons for less than one year. A Beginner dancer must move to Beg 2 Advanced Beginner category the next year. Dancers wear soft shoes and their school costume (outlined above)
  • Beginner 2 – Dancer remains an advanced beginner until he/she wins 1st, 2nd or 3rd. Dancer moves up to novice only in the dance(s) he/she has won 1st, 2nd or 3rd AND with 5 or more competitors in that particular dance. Dancers wear a school costume.
  • Novice – Any dancer who has won 1st, 2nd or 3rd in Advanced Beginner competition and has teacher permission to move up.   Dancers may compete in a School dress or purchase a solo costume.
  • Prizewinner – A dancer who has previously won 1st in Novice in a particular dance. Dancers may compete in the School costume or purchase a solo costume.
  • The last two levels are for the more serious competitors and require very dedicated dancers.
  • Preliminary Championship – Open to dancers who have placed 1st each of their prizewinner dances (Reel, Slip Jig, Hornpipe, Treble Jig).
  • Open Championship – The most advanced level. Must have won TWO first places at the Preliminary level.

Feis Age

Your dancer’s age to register is what he or she is on January 1 of each year.  If your dancer is 7 years old 

on January 1, he or she will dance in the Under 8 category for the entire year (even after his or her birthday passes)

Things to bring to a Feis

  • Full class costume (from wig down to shoes)
  • Bobbly pins
  • Hair ties
  • Extra shoe laces
  • Hairspray
  • Safety pins
  • Sock Glue
  • Copy of feis stage assignment with your dancers comp #’s highlighted
  • Snacks/water
Connolly Irish Dance may use pictures of all students on this website. If you do not wish to have your dancers picture on this site please inform Connolly Irish Dance immediately.